Montag, 3. Februar 2014

1.2.2014: Hourly Comic Day

Click for big! Zum Vergrößern bitte anklicken... english translation below ;)
[Margarethe from Arizona asks for my scientific opinion. "Yeah, am I qualified or what!"][The desk calls for a basic cleaning. "Spick and span!" "Bed..."]["Unspeakable telephone!"][Somebody seeks after bed linen for shivery dogs in Romania. ...that fits, I'm mucking out anyway.][On the to do list until 4pm: Clean out! I.e. throwing away the christmas arrangement.]["I don't have to work! Will be there in 30min!" - "How do you find that music!" - doing the dishes][Clothes-Swapping in da house!]["Nice o---" - "I only wanted to get rid of things! It's always the same..."]["The pizza!" - "I go..." - "Thanks... Can't find my pants..."]["Land ahoy!"][Shooting for Swap. "Perfect for fairies, medieval fans and LARPer" "jogging pants on the level (not for sale)"][The remains of the day.]["It absolutely makes no sense to meet for brunch at 12am. It's only 10, soon I will go to sleep... then I will be early awake and hungry." Spoiler: "Hooray, drawing!" - "Three thirty?!"]["She's outta go home, stupid dinkhead!"]

Samstag war Jede-Stunde-Comic-Tag! Mitgemacht haben auch Asja, Jojo, Kathi, Lisa, Pete und Julia.

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Zeitwolf hat gesagt…

ah, sehr schön! Am besten: dein Gesicht, als Moritz abwäscht (das passt zu ihm).