Donnerstag, 10. September 2009

Freitag, 22. Mai

(1) Okt. 06
-Can you borrow me some money for the washing machine?
-I'm afraid not... Do you know where the hostel admin is? I shall move in here and wanted to have a look at the rooms...
-Well, I can show you mine if you want!
(2) Since that I infected myself at the champion of planning...
-First Australia, then SE-Asia, then an internship in Costa Rica, then Hamburg. Or better Costa Rica earlier... But maybe I have to repeat exams and I have to go to Hamburg directly...
(3) ...and misplanning...
-I lost my wallet again...
-For the third time?? Within two weeks???
(4) ...with a big portion of spontaneity.
-Won't you come to visit me here*? (*=in Sydney, Australia)
-Yes, of course!
I left three weeks later.

Bei Gelegenheit liefere ich Fotos nach - spätestens in anderthalb Wochen :)

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